Kaigan Preview

2013-01-23 14:58:37 by dere-kotsu

Progress is being made~


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2013-01-23 16:56:45

Looks great, sounds great! There are some obvious anime shortcuts, but most anime we see has a bevy of paid staff working on more than one project. Best of luck :3


2013-03-09 10:05:21

Daaaam. And this is done on your own? I'm already a fan ... Hope you can keep me updated on your progress.

Really really impressed if you can't tell.

dere-kotsu responds:

Oh! T-Thank you! I am getting back working on it. But I am about halfway done with lip syncing and about 75% done with animation itself. :D


2013-04-21 03:45:21

Well worth the effort of recasting the voice actors, and getting everything sounding and looking just just right. Good luck with the rest of the production!